What We Do


Strategic Site Selection conducts unbiased and complimentary resort and hotel site searches, creating proposals that align to every meeting’s unique requirements. We meticulously plan site inspection itineraries connecting our clients with hotel and destination sales professionals and with your guidance, we negotiate strong and  beneficial contracts that will not only save you time but will save you money.

The continued goal at Strategic Site Selection is to be a best in class organization that is considered the expert in site selection and negotiation. We want to continue to grow the business as a whole by adding new Clients and Partners while continuously exceeding the expectations of our current Client base. Strategic Site Selection specializes in sourcing well fitted venues for conferences, meetings and trade shows while negotiating with properties to help lower contract liabilities and hard costs for the Client.

Our aim is to make the site selection process the easiest part of your event planning process. We will ease your stress levels and frustrations while saving you time and money.

  • Contract Negotiations

    Negotiating is what we do. We put eyes on hundreds of hotel contracts every year. Our experience tells us that everything in a contract is negotiable and we put that to use making it our focus to lower your liabilities and put you in the driver’s seat at contract time.

  • Our Compensation

    As your ‘free assistant’ we are just that – free to you, the end user. Our compensation comes directly from the hotel you select. We work as an extension of their sales force with no attachment to any brand. Your costs do not go up with our involvement.

  • No Contracts

    You don’t sign a contract with us. Our service stands on its merits alone. Try us out on something big or small; there is no risk to you. We are your one-stop shop for any size group.