Our Services

What we do, and how we do it.

With a full suite of professional services in venue sourcing and beyond, our team of experts are ready to assist you.

Site Selection

We conduct unbiased venue and hotel site searches for your events.  With our expertise, buying power, and strong industry relationships, we find the best fit for your program by sourcing through many of our strategic alliances and key industry leaders.

We organize and plan meticulous site inspection itineraries to ensure all specifications for your meeting and hotel needs are met.

Contract Negotiation

We proficiently negotiate contracts on your behalf to ensure you have the best possible offer from your preferred property.   We understand the value of every event, big or small, and with fierce perseverance, we find favourable terms and savings through our hotel relationships and leveraging techniques.


We have an excellent range of partnerships for all aspects of your program.  If you are in search of a service that would set your next event apart from the rest, we offer a list of vetted vendors for gifting and promotional merchandise solutions, in-person AV and virtual event platform options, augmented reality portals,  and DMC options located globally on the ground to support you in your meeting destination.


We know the importance of having a solid foundation for a successful event, therefore we offer our expertise to streamline your event strategy.  We have a suite of à la carte services available to support all stages in the event planning process.

Sandbox Events

Sandbox Events, our full-service event management branch of Strategic Site Selection, offers a full suite of a la carte event services and are available to work with you on your events in any scope. Sandbox is available to support you as much or as little as you need and we employ the best and most experienced event professionals in the industry to provide our clients with first-class experience and support at every stage of a program. From corporate to associations, social events to conferences, not-for profit and government-aligned initiatives, we deliver custom solutions to make any event a success.

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Q: What is the cost for your site selection services?

A: There is no cost for you when it comes to site selection with meetings that have a bedroom component included. Our work is compensated by a commission on guestrooms only, from the contracted hotel on actualized programs. Additional services and consulting are available at an hourly rate.

Q: Do you only work with specific brands?

A: No. Our selection process is unbiased. We can work with any brand or independent hotel, in any destination. We make recommendations based on what we believe is the best fit for your program needs.

Q: Can you help with space only requests if we don’t need guestrooms?

A: Yes. We offer venue sourcing for meeting space only as part of our à la carte services.

Q: How far in advance do we need to start sourcing for a program?

A: It is never too early to start looking! Depending on program specifications, we can always put rooms and space on hold until a decision is made. This gives you the time you need to share the information with your team. We can work with short term requests as well – just need to know what your timelines are and we will meet your needs!

Q: What is the benefit of going through you versus going direct?

A: We help you make a great decision in selecting the best suited venue for your event. We use our expertise to leverage our total volume of business to ensure you receive the best offer, flexible contract terms, and also have pre-approved contract terms with major brands.

For a full list of our services, click here.

Q: What types of event planning services are available?

A: Sandbox Events, our full-service event management branch of Strategic Site Selection, offers a full suite of a la carte event services and are available to work with you on your events in any scope. See a sample of our services here

Q: What are the fees for your event planning services?

A: That depends on your needs! For a full quote, let your SSS team member know and they will set up a call with our Sandbox team.