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Writing this post came with mixed feelings. On one hand, it’s a little bit nostalgic. It seems like a decade ago we were at the end of 2019, more than ready for the holiday break after a crazy busy year – this was our old lives. Now, we experience a
We have all had our worlds turned upside down. After months of change to our professional and personal lives, we continue to navigate the pandemic the best we can. I have had so many discussions with my network. From multi-level employees, managers, and leaders, we’ve covered it all – fear,
What happens when we travel? We’re exposed to different cultures and forms of humanity. We see the way others live, we experience the riches of other communities, and our perspective is widened. What would happen if we were pushed us to do this in our own backyard? We could explore
In case you missed it, SSS celebrated 15 years in business earlier this month! 15 years of building an outstanding community of customers, respected and trusted partners and a wonderful team who truly shows up and works hard every single day to make it all happen (with a smile!). Although
Our Intention Caring about our clients has always been a priority – a deeply ingrained duty to ensure they have a seamless experience from beginning to end.   When the pandemic halted our industry, we had to ask ourselves; how could we adjust our practices and continue to ensure our clients