SSS Celebrates 15 Years and Shares 3 Helpful Tips For Your Next Virtual Event

par | Sep 1, 2020 | Générale, Nouvelles | 1 commentaire

In case you missed it, SSS celebrated 15 years in business earlier this month! 15 years of building an outstanding community of customers, respected and trusted partners and a wonderful team who truly shows up and works hard every single day to make it all happen (with a smile!).

Although the celebration was not what we had planned (unique activations set throughout a new, modern downtown venue with over 300 guests from all sides of the industry), it was an opportunity to dive into the world or virtual events as many of us have this year and celebrate the amazing journey that has brought us here.

We invited our clients and partners to join us for a virtual cheers to 15 years where we shared a highlight reel put together by Q Productions which included some of our favourite memories shared by clients, suppliers and partners.

Even through the screen, the energy and positive vibes were more than we could ever ask from this network. We are so appreciative of everyone who was able to join us to embrace this milestone and look forward to a new chapter as our industry works towards the recovery of COVID19.

Here are a few things we learned from our experience in the digital world of events!

Practice makes Perfect

We had a rehearsal a few days beforehand to ensure all was working well for our event.  A run through of each point on the itinerary is a must have for your team (yes, an itinerary even for a digital celebration).  If you have multiple people assisting in managing the event, everyone needs to be on the same page and know their cue.

Give Direction

One thing we discussed post event, was the need for less responsibility per person, especially if you are not experienced in this area. Having one specific task assigned per person on the back end team would have permitted us to catch some glitches we encountered earlier on.

Example: have one person as the host – ready and only focused on welcoming people as they arrive, have one person in charge of the settings, ensuring all on the back end of the platform is running smoothly, another should be admitting participants, another should be managing audio/video, etc. 

Are your extra features enabled?

There were two keys features that we added to customize our event to fit our needs. What we did not know, was the requirement of turning these features on prior to starting the event.  As you rehearse,  make sure your features are enabled and visible to avoid error during the real deal.   We would advise taking the time to make a checklist of the necessary technical requirements that should be in place for the day of your event.

Here is a great checklist to use when you begin planning which includes the day of logistics!

Final Lesson

Trust the professionals! We know budget is a large factor in the decision making process however wherever you can, work with professionals in the field to ensure top quality experiences. This applies to both in person and digital events. There are so many talented suppliers to help support your vision!

Check out our 15th Anniversary video here: