Favourite Five

by | Jan 29, 2021 | General, News | 1 comment

As the first month of 2021 comes to an end, we look back at the global turbulence that was caused in the last year and take note of the good which was created from it.  We handpicked five of our favourite articles to come out of January,  from vaccine breakthroughs to witnessing history being made at President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

1. Hotels Offer Space for Vaccine Sites: Good for Humankind, Good for Business

Source: Skift

A step towards a quicker industry recovery, hotels are now offering their unused event space to facilitate coronavirus vaccine sites.  Apart from helping healthcare personnel administer 100 vaccines per hour, this will speed up the recovery timeline the hotel industry is facing. 

2. NBA Star Buys George Floyd’s Family a House, Joining Streisand and Others in Giving Daughter a Future

NBA Star Buys George Floyd’s Family a House, Joining Streisand and Others in Giving Daughter a Future
Source: Good News Network

NBA Professional Basketball Player, Kyrie Irving has bought a house for George Floyd’s family,  providing for what they needed most in order to support George’s young daughter.  Apart from Kyrie,  the likes of Barbra Streisand, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne have provided for George’s family amid his legacy in activism.

3. Syrian Refugees Celebrate Fifth Anniversary in Canada with Virtual Event

Syrian refugees celebrate fifth anniversary in Canada with virtual event
Source: Toronto Star

A heartwarming story marking the fifth anniversary in which Canada welcomed nearly 73,000 Syrian refugees in 2015.   Despite limitations of meeting in-person,  Bayan Khatib (executive director of the Syrian Canadian Foundation) has made it possible for refugees who have integrated share their stories in love and prosperity.  700 people have since registered for the virtual event.

4. Inaugural Poet Amanda Gorman inspires the nation: ‘Even as we Grieved, we Grew’

Inaugural poet Amanda Gorman: 'Even as we grieved, we grew'
Source: CTV News

A moment in history was witnessed for the nation and it’s neighbours during President Elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.  The youngest inaugural poet at 22 years old,  Amanda Gorman delivered a captivating poem inspiring millions globally.   ‘The Hill We Climb’ was written by Amanda stirring hope and awe among the audience. 

5. Creating Sustainable Event Productions During COVID-19

Creating Sustainable Event Productions During COVID-19
Source: BizBash

Emillie O’Brien, Founder, and CEO of Earth Angel a sustainable production service provider has taken on the major film industry in her endeavors for sustainability.   She works closely with film sets to reduce the environmental impact of single-use items amid Covid-19.   Movie sets she’s partnered with have on-set eco departments and rental equipment for proper recycling.