Putting A Lens On Recognition: Work from Home Edition

by | Oct 26, 2020 | General, News | 1 comment

We have all had our worlds turned upside down. After months of change to our professional and personal lives, we continue to navigate the pandemic the best we can.

I have had so many discussions with my network. From multi-level employees, managers, and leaders, we’ve covered it all – fear, difficult decisions, new ideas, and maintaining motivation.

We are all wearing many hats, and this can take a toll.

Through this, I’ve been delighted to hear the way companies are supporting their employees through this difficult and uncertain time. Recognition sits in the top three criteria for talent decision making. It also has huge impact on productivity and overall performance. In a major long-term study, companies who had the best corporate cultures, encouraged all-around leadership initiatives and  highly appreciated their employees, customers and owners grew 682 percent in revenue. During the same period of evaluation — 11 year — companies without a thriving company culture grew only 166 percent in revenue. This means that a thriving company culture leads to more than four times higher revenue growth*.

Since we are not able to enjoy the perks of an office space or spend true quality time, face to face with our leaders, how do we show our teams we see the hard work they are doing? 

Here are 5 creative ways to show your employees appreciation (from home):

  1. DoorDash for Work

Employee memberships, work day credits, group orders, gift cards and safe delivery are all available through the new DoorDash for Work program.

*BONUS: you can set parameters around order times to be specific to the work day.

  1. Tremendous Gift Cards

This platform allows you to send gift cards digitally for recipients to use at a number of retailers globally.

Best part? There is an enhancement option to have the cards branded.

  1. Mental Health Support

Designate a counselling budget or bring in an expert to schedule a session with each of your team members individually (this can be done virtually as well). This gesture truly shows you care about their wellbeing and offers them tools to manage stressors moving forward.

  1. Professional Development

Investing in your employees is one of the best ways to show they are important. Providing them with a professional development budget to use towards an online course is a great perk that helps both you, and them!

  1. Customized Care Kits

There is something about receiving goodies in the mail that never gets old! With so much variety available, you can customize baskets to the employee based on their personality or shop local and have goodies from their community arrive at their doorstep!

ONE MORE: Our industry needs support now more than ever. Hotels are among the safest spaces with strict protocols in place to keep guests safe and healthy. Why not offer your employees a local retreat? Ask us about our gift card program that allows the recipients to redeem them based on mutual availability.

*Reference: https://blog.smarp.com/employee-engagement-8-statistics-you-need-to-know